Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials.  May Allah shower you both with his mercy and envelop you in his grace and unite you in goodness.

The IAGH is pleased to offer the Berlin Mosque for wedding ceremonies, subject to the Reservations policy and applicable Rules.  You may request Imam Refai to perform the Nikah ceremony or arrange for your own Imam, subject to advance permission.

In adherence with Islamic legal requirements, IAGH policy requires the following:

  1. All weddings must be legally registered
  2. Presence of all parties and their representatives
  3. Each individual must be 18 or older, even if allowed by CT law
  4. Public announcement

The IAGH reserves the right to refuse wedding ceremonies which fail to comply with the above policy.


Premarital Counseling

The IAGH strongly recommends premarital counseling to assist in ironing out potential issues before the marriage ceremony.  Imam Refai is available for a wide range of counseling services.  The IAGH also reserves the right to refuse wedding ceremonies where pre-marital counseling has not taken place, subject to the discretion of Imam Refai and the Board.


Obtaining a Marriage License


Approximately two to four weeks before the wedding ceremony, please arrange for the marriage license from the Town of Berlin Town Clerk’s Office located at Berlin Town Hall, 240 Kensington Rd., Berlin, CT 06037.

As of January 2013, the requirements for the license are as follows:

  1. When you apply, please be ready with: the birthplace of both parents, your mother’s maiden name, the date that you will be getting married on, your social security number, and who will be performing the ceremony.
  2. Photo identification and fee payment.  Both individuals must appear in person.  Check operation times with the Town Clerk’s Office and allow about a half-hour of processing time. Berlin Town Clerk’s Office #860-828-7035.
  3. The marriage license costs is $30.00 an the cost for a certified copy of $20.00.

The Islamic Association of Greater Hartford may issue an Islamic Marriage License, which is not a legal document, but which confirms that the Nikah ceremony took place in compliance with Islamic law.  For a copy of your marriage license, please contact the Town of Berlin.


Matrimonial Services


The IAGH provides matrimonial assistance in identifying a potential spouse on an ad-hoc basis in partnership with the Muslim Coalition of Connecticut.  For further information about upcoming events for those seeking a spouse, please consult the Muslim MatchUp website.

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